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Will create three static banner. In one design for placement in 3 social networks (Vkontakte, Facebook, Instagram), i.e., three sizes of the same banner:

for VC - 700 x 500 px

for Instagram - х1080 1080 px

for Facebook - 1200 x 630 px

NOT make a few variations of the same banner. If a customer requires a single banner for one of the social networks, the customer will receive one banner, NOT three choices. Do NOT make hats for groups and pages in Facebook.

The algorithm works as follows: make a banner for one of the social networks (one size), send to the customer for approval. If necessary, make changes according to customer feedback, and make the two remaining size.Screenings occur the target audience based on the specified targeting: Demographics, Geography, Interests, the Device Remarketing.

The placement is exactly on calendar month. 

The price is inclusive of accommodation at all three venues.

Price can be flexibly changed depending on wishes of the customer. Write us for your project we will create at this location on a separate lot.

Attracts new customers and reminds himself existing. The cost goals comparable with the cost of customer acquisition from contextual advertising.

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