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Placement of articles on 100 sites with tits from 50

Promotion of thematic articles is most effective from the point of view of SEO. Your attention is offered a choice of the most suitable for you variant of an article run with additional options.

Important! You can send your article template {1 | 2 | 3} with links inside or just the link of the promoted site when ordering an additional option for writing an article. For each run, when selecting an option, a unique article is written and multiplies by the 5th shingle to achieve high uniqueness. Each article on the output has 1000-1200 characters without spaces of a unique text. The percentage of similarity of articles rarely exceeds 10-15 percent. Donors are regularly checked for spam on a checktrust.

All sites from the database work on the engines of Joomla and Bitrix, which allows you to add both small and large articles. On Bitrix websites, only non-quoted links are possible. After the run, all links when selecting additional options are run via Twitter and Yandex add-on. In the report you get links to all successfully posted articles.

I do not take into consideration the themes: adult, magic, casino and those that contradict the legislation.

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